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Make the right design choice for your home improvement, the first time!

Cut out the costly mistakes with on-demand design advice from expert Interior Designers.

Does a tricky design decision have your progress stalled?

Your Designer gets you unstuck & feeling confident, fast.

Worried about choosing the wrong color, pattern or size?

Your Designer saves you the cost and headache of a re-do.

Feeling regret from past home improvement choices?

Designer on Demand services are like having a Designer on speed dial.

Welcome to

Designer on Demand

We are a community of professional Interior Designers providing virtual interior design advice. Our mission is to empower you with tailored design advice, that produce spaces you adore.

Identify the design decision that you need help making.

Choose an e-advice service, or Video Consultation.

We collect details about your space, or book your video consultation date.

Connect with your interior designer.

Receive the interior design advice you need, so you can move forward.

Successful home improvements you can't wait to show off. Happiness Guaranteed.

What our Customers are Saying

Catherine B.

"I can't believe I had answers to my questions in less than 2 hours! The advice was exactly what I was looking for and Lana kept my budget in mind. I'm so confident going ahead with changes to the house now. I'll be using all the suggestions.

Amanda V.

"Holy Moly that was easy!!! My designer's feedback was concise and thorough. I received such high-quality value from this service. I'm truly impressed."

Jennifer R.

“What a great service! My Designer provided a very thorough and thoughtful reply. I am already making a list of other questions I could get input on in the future!”



Try one of our e-Advice services. It's fast & fun.
Best of all, there's nothing to loose. Happiness is guaranteed!

✔ We collect all the details about your dilemma, style & space.
✔ Request your favourite Designer or let us make your best match!
✔ Your Designer connects with you within 1 business day.
✔ Receive tailored, professional advice, direct to your inbox.

This or That


Facing a yes/no dilemma that's keeping you up at night? Do you have multiple samples you're having trouble choosing between? Your Designer will tell you which one works best in your space, and why.


  • A Designer review of your style, images and details.

  • An email outlining your Designer's choice and explaining why it works best in your space.

Designer's Eye


Designer's Eye is perfect for you if you need a Designer to source a specific finish/fixture for you. Your Designer will present you with 2 product options, both expertly chosen to suit your space, style & budget.


  • A Designer review of your style, images and details.

  • 2 product choices, ranked 1st and 2nd choice.

  • Images & sources for both recommended products.

  • An email outlining your Designer's selections and why they are the best choice for your space.

Complex Conundrum


This is our most popular service and includes a 20 minute video call with your Designer. Perfect for design dilemmas like: "Can you give me some ideas on how I can update my kitchen, within my budget?"


  • A Designer review of your style, images and details.

  • 20 minute video call where your Designer presents their advice and discusses options.

  • Images & sources for any recommended products.

  • An email outlining your Designer's advice, as discussed on the video call.

e-Advice : How to submit

Your Design Dilemma

When you select an e-advice service our conversation begins. We collect all the details that your Designer needs to know about your style and your space. We ask all the questions so you get the highest quality, tailored advice.

We'll Discuss:

Your style preferences

The decision you need to make

Details to be considered

Budget considerations

Upload pics of:

Your space

Your style inspiration

Products you've chosen

Products you're considering

Floor plans / drawings



Vetted, award winning, published & professional: Our Designers provide the utmost attention to detail, strategic design insight and creativity.


Lana holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is NCIDQ Certified. Principal at Lana Lounsbury Interiors & Lalou. Located in Victoria BC, Canada.


Sarah has a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design. Principal at Velvet Sweatpants Interior Design. Located in Calgary AB, Canada.


Claire is an award winning, NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer. Principal at Claire Reimann Kitchen Design. Located in North Vancouver BC, Canada


Sasha holds a degree in Art Foundation and is a member of the IIDA-NY chapter. Principal at Sasha Marie Interiors. Located in Dobbs Ferry NY, USA


Kymlyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Principal at Sanctuary & Soul Company. Located in West Point GA, USA.


Video Consultations

Planning a home improvement and want to make sure you don't make a costly design mistake?

Get expert advice that doesn't delay your project.
Book a private, 1 hour video consultation with your favourite Interior Designer!

✔ Choose your designer & checkout.
✔ Watch your inbox for your booking link.
✔ Review the tips on how to get the most from your consultation.
✔ Enjoy an advice packed hour, over Zoom, with your Designer.

Photo credit: Custom Homes by Veranda Estate Homes. Furnished by The Heather Company

Heather Draper


Principal Designer at The Heather Company

Heather has the keen ability to layer fabrics, lighting, interior finishes and millwork details to create thoughtfully inspired interiors. This talent allows her to create homes that perfectly reflect the family who lives there. Heather's belief that home should never conform to trends, but rather layer and build on timeless elements have proven to ensure her projects remain fashion forward, and never dated.


  • A 1 hour Zoom video consultation with Heather.

  • As much interior design advice as can be packed into an hour. That's a whole lot, trust us!

  • You choose the room(s) & project(s) you'd like advice on. Come prepared with your questions, photos, drawings, a notebook & pen.

Photo credit: MINT Freshly Inspired Design

Alexis Solomon


Principal Designer at MINT Freshly Inspired Design

Do you dream of a home that reflects not only your personality and style but also functions perfectly for you? For over a decade, Alexis Solomon has been reimagining incredible spaces for her clients, facilitating in the design-build process from inception through to completion. The delicate balance between form, function and authenticity plays an integral role in developing unique spaces for her clients. Alexis is praised for her energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency throughout each project while her attention to every detail ensures beautiful spaces with results to be enjoyed for years to come.


  • A 1 hour Zoom video consultation with Alexis.

  • As much interior design advice as can be packed into an hour. That's a whole lot, trust us!

  • You choose the room(s) & project(s) you'd like advice on. Come prepared with your questions, photos, drawings, a notebook & pen.

Photo credit: Sanctuary & Soul Co.

Kymlyn Smith


Principal at Sanctuary & Soul Company

Kymlyn is here to help you capture a reflection of yourself in your space. A space that is beautiful to your eyes & functional to your lifestyle, but also nurturing to your soul. Kymlyn specializes in carefully curating exotic, playful, layered rooms, and uses natural & organic elements for a refined Bohemian / Eclectic design. Kymlyn understands how chaotic your everyday life can get, and believes in the importance of creating spaces to combat the chaos. Spaces where we can rest, relax & recharge. Would you like help making your home a sanctuary for your soul?


  • A 1 hour Zoom video consultation with Kymlyn.

  • As much interior design advice as can be packed into an hour. That's a whole lot, trust us!

  • You choose the room(s) & project(s) you'd like advice on. Come prepared with your questions, photos, drawings, a notebook & pen.

Sarah G.

"I do a lot of DIY but sometimes I need a second opinion from a professional. Designer on Demand was the perfect service to help answer a few of my design questions and made recommendations that made a big impact in my space. Will definitely be using again."

Nicki r.

"Designer on demand was exactly what I needed for my kitchen update! I am typically very confident in my design choices, but when it came to my kitchen, I needed a nudge. Kitchen finishes are pricey and you need to love them for a long time. Lana told me exactly what I needed to hear and backed up the design decisions with concrete and practical reasons. My kitchen is stunning!! I would still be stuck without Lana's input!


Our team is here to help

"I need advice but am not sure which service to choose."
"Technology is not on my side today, I need help."

Whatever the issue, drop us a note and we'll help you out!

Got Questions?

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Designer on Demand



In case you find yourself with questions,

We have answers!

"Is the advice worth the cost?"

Our customers say YES!

Your happiness is our priority. If you aren't fully satisfied you'll be refunded the cost of the service.

1. What if I start submitting details about my design dilemma with the chatbot and get interrupted? Can I save what I've done and finish later?

Yes. Your progress with Betty (the chatbot) is automatically saved. Next time you engage Betty on that same device she will begin where you left off.

2. If I like working with a certain Designer, can I choose that Designer the next time I want to use the service?

Absolutely! Before checking out Betty Bot will ask you if there's anything else you'd like to tell your Designer. That's the perfect place to request the name of the Designer you'd like to work with. Our team will make sure your challenge goes to that Designer.

3. How does it work if I have multiple design decisions to make and want different services for each one?

Betty will start by asking you about your first design dilemma. Once Betty is done asking questions about the first dilemma, she will ask if you have any more challenges in the same room. If YES: she will ask which service you need, then about your dilemma. If NO: she will ask if you have a design decision to make in a different room. If YES: she will ask which room & service, then about your dilemma.

When you've submitted all your design dilemmas Betty will take you to the checkout.

4. When I'm submitting details about my space (with the chatbot), how do I re-do one of my answers if I make a mistake?

During the chat you will see a re-do arrow symbol on every question. If you want to change an answer press the re-do arrow and Betty will re-ask that question.

Please note: When you go back to re-do an answer, all subsequent answers will also be erased.

5. What will my Designer need from me in order to help me with my design dilemma?

Here’s the short list of what to have on hand when you’re ready to submit:
● Photos of your space (1-4)
● Inspiration photos (1-4)
● Photos of the finishes you are considering OR have already chosen (based on where you’re at in your process).
● Dimensions or details about the space, finishes, or furniture, as applicable.
● Which solutions you have already considered and decided against.

6. I’ve sought out advice before... and it failed. Will I get a quality answer, and the answer I need?

In short, yes. The Interior Designers are professionals who actively work in the Interior Design industry, specializing in residential design. They’ve been vetted by Flathaus, and offer their ‘big picture’, emotionally unattached perspective to each challenge they solve.

And, we guarantee satisfaction. We want you to walk away supported, happy, and empowered in the recommendations you receive. If that’s not the case, we’ll make it right.

7. Is the technology hard to use?

We’ve made it easy to navigate the design dilemma submission process with our chatbot (Betty); Betty takes you through our intake process step by step. It’s a quick and easy to follow process. You can do it from your desktop, or from your phone in the middle of Home Depot.

8. What qualifies as a design decision?

Great question. We’ve kept the subject matter open, and have created three different levels of e-design services or video consultations, based the service you want from your designer. One design dilemma may be choosing between two kinds of tile or flooring... Another may be needing advice on your kitchen layout. Each service we offer allows you to get the amount of input you need to make the right choice, the first time.

9. How long will an e-advice service take?

Seeing as challenges arise mid-project, and often unexpectedly, it’s our goal to get you a solution ASAP. Because our designers are working professionals, we’ve asked them to touch base with you within one business day after receiving your design dilemma.

Please note: It's possible you may not receive your answer in one business day if your Designer requests additional information from you. From the moment the Designer receives the additional information, you can then expect your solution by the end of the following business day. Our commitment is to move you through to a solution as fast as we can so you can get back to work.

If a question comes in late on a Friday, we guarantee you’ll hear from your designer by end of day Monday. If your Designer is free + able on the weekend, they’ll get in touch before then. If not, hang tight and you’ll be contacted in the one business day timeline.

10. Can I send my Designer photos or floor plans prior to the 1 hr. video consultation?

The short answer is no.

Once the video consultation is booked you'll receive an email with tips on how to prepare for the consultation and get the most out of the hour.
We recommend you create a document that contains things like: room photos, inspiration images, drawings or floor plans. During your consultation you can choose to share your screen and share these documents.

11. Will my Designer send me an email with their advice following the 1 hour video consultation?

No. The one hour consultation will be jam packed with as much design advice as time allows.

Come to the video consultation armed with your questions, images / drawings, a notebook and pen.

Our Designers are highly trained professionals and are very efficient at providing rapid fire advice.

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Designer on Demand



Real-life advice from an Interior Designer.